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I just thought I will put up a motivational video to encourage you. Be a kid, not afraid of doing what you want, take any risk as you want. The video says it all.

You make the difference. It’s you!!! YOU!!

The video is brought to you by http://grasshopper.com/

You are Entrepreneurs!! Cheers!


It’s time to Start!

I described in my early posts, what attitude it takes to say Just Do It! And what are the key traits to successful entrepreneurship. Today, let’s start building you, as an entrepreneur. It’s the time to Start!

Whatever idea you have to start-up a business with is great and you must believe in your idea no matter how many drawbacks you discover or people tell you about your idea. It’s your belief in your idea that will give you the perfect start.

“Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right.” – Henry Ford

Now, you have an idea, an insanely great idea and you believe in it, how do you start building a product?

This is where you have to be very patient and conscious. It’s your enthusiasm and curiosity about your product that is more likely to overpower you and lead you to taking wrong decisions and uncalculated risks. Remember to control your curiosity and enthusiasm, you already know that your product is insanely great, why to get over enthusiastic and curious about it. Keep the enthusiasm and curiosity to help you build a great product.

Let’s now see how we go by building your product in an organized manner.

Sit back and note down the idea in a descriptive way and categorize the idea into segments. Once you have this plotted, take some time and make iterations which you think you can. Once the iterations are made, you will be able to define your product. Following this simple yet critical task, you have defined your product and now have a blueprint to focus on.

Focus on what is defined lies the key here onwards.

Are you an expert on all what it takes to build your product?  No one is. So, the next important task is to divide your blueprint into several categories and find out which experts do you need to work with you on building the product. This is the most challenging part, you have to find great people just like you to work with you. Talk to people you know are great and make them believe in your idea and have them onboard. Thus you build a great team who now have the same vision and focus. Remember, a great team creates great products.

Always remember, the product is yours and you have to be in love with it and have to build it yourself as entrepreneurs, a great product can also be built by hiring people but then if you don’t build your own product, you just become the salesman of the product. If you build your product yourself, you will know what exactly your product is and not what you think your product is.

To sum it up; define your product, build a great team and build the product on your own are the 3 key to get started.

In my future posts I will discuss all the 3 steps to get started in detail.

For now, here is another inspirational video for you. Be inspired, Be an Entrepreneur.